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18043 City Lights Cartoon
18043 City Lights
  17166 Troublemakers Cartoon
17166 Troublemakers
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17151 Now Think Cartoon
17151 Now Think
  17116Continues Cartoon
17116 Continues

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Title Description
18043 City Lights Keep'em down on the farm...indeed!
17166 Troublemakers History and traditions of fomenting unrest for others.
17151 Now Think From ashes, dust, and fear reality strikes.
17116 Continues Like diminished good guerrilla fighters do: Blend.
16187 Just Checking It's ask or feel, and a fella' doesn't want to get fresh.
16184 Ungodly Times Decency, & tolerence are too much for some.
16057 Belg Peace loving people are easiest for despots to kill.
16055 Quandry Even warriors of the devil need time to relax.
16040 Hibernia Eating lye-stashed fish will never replace fried spuds.
15236 Values Clash Savage over-indulgence vilified by savage politics.
15177 Imagination Going incognito can have its little frustrations.
15173 Where At With pomp and ceremony we decry truthful critique.
15142 Greco Uro You buy me stuff, and I'll tell you when I want more.
15103 Fairness Convince 'em or kill 'em, we can always make more.
15058 Viciouser Viciousness begets viciousness begets viciousness!
15034 Utilization A shame how the Western mind fails to grasp reality.
15008 Schizoid Terror: The mainstay of greedy and corrupt nihilists.
14202 Travel Finding safe haven in a volatile and dangerous world.
14143 Uniform Realize it and blowing themselves up will lose cache.
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