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17180 Kennel Talk Cartoon
17180 Kennel Talk
  17162 Coming Out Cartoon
17162 Coming Out
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17167 Timing Cartoon
17167 Timing
  17163 Out Cartoon
17163 Out
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Title Description
17180 Kennel Talk Dogs reflecting human behavior at its goofiest.
17167 Timing Old take on an old adaptation of an old poem.
17163 Out Second thoughts about the evolutionary chain.
17162 Coming Out Encountering a negative social observer.
17161 Game Among Equals Using statistics isn't real good for bluffing.
17155 Insight Scientific value structure gone awry.
17145 Formalish It was "Costume Optional," but the word got lost.
17144 Colors Season's not changing yet, but its hinting.
17137 Upside down How one sees the world is a matter of perspective.
17128 Hanging Around Everybody wants to share your good parking space.
17124 Uncooperative Playing with rodents is mostly frustrating.
17111 Bandito Not all masks are for concealment of bad guys.
17106 Pond Sprite Once too often, the old kiss-a-prince frog trick.
17098 Noticed Aggressive surprises from above the pond.
17096 Bird Crossing Some folks can't quite take good advice!
17088 TheManual They obey not only food and commands.
17084.4 Oda Lee 2 She waits in yon flower patch, heartbeat racing.
17084.2 Bug Man A literary meandering, pointless and chuckle worthy.
17084.1 BugonFish Self-awareness can burdon with annoying loads.
17082 Judging Yes, your stance, casting, and retrieve are all judged.
17081 Warm Fuzzys MOTHERS DAY GREETING from another Mom.
17075 Power Walk Dog walking can be a drag.
17074 The Fitting Some folks are way too oversensitive.
17069 The High Just another professional risk one takes.
17068 Blessings It's a hive delivery room announcement.
17066 Waiting Game Could be labelled,"A Chrysalis Named Desire."
17062 Passing Let's face it, "Hand it to me" doesn't fit.
17061 Workers Imported labor, energy, and self-indulgence.
17059 Egg'n Big ideas come with big obligations.
17057 Crowd Sleep Something about kinetic energy transmission.
17055 Passing Just a little off-season drollery.
17045 TV eyes Small minds, big thoughts in front of a TV screen.
17043 Dubious It's not the appearance so much as the approach.
17037 New Wave Trap Spring trap launch vehicle for mice.
17032 Counsel Pretend to help the guy that can eat you.
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