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Living/18051 St. Urho Cartoon
18051 St. Urho
  Living/18049 Anticipation Cartoon
18049 Anticipation
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Living/18048 St. Patrick'sDay Cartoon
18048 St. Patrick'sDay
  Living/18047 Aptitude Cartoon
18047 Aptitude

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Title Description
18051 St. Urho Finnish celebration of saving the
18049 Anticipation Under the frustrating cover of white lies Spring.
18049 St.Patrick's Day Four-leaf clovers, wearin'o'the green, & kisses.
18047 Aptitude Utterly self-absorbed assuming they are owed.
18046 Challenges Tilting at changing values and flailing skylines.
18038 Nosey Drone drollery and remote control noseyness.
18033 Weather Not much to report except there is some...a lot.
18030 Dual-ness Dynamic love and loss, all in a single day.
18029 Decor Ethics frequently subverted by cash.
18027 Side by Side Demanding equality, sans sense, equals wierd.
18023 Stealthy Most always useful to cover your rear.
18020 Achieving Advice from an experienced and off-beat boss.
18019 Small Stuff There's an old song about a'one-room-shanty."
18016 The Meat We live by ads alone; salacious content pulls $.
18005 Habits One of the many rewards of inter-species marriage.
18004 Ritual Sometimes little stuff seems like really big stuff.
18003 Determined It's one of our little human second-face dramas.
17241 2018 New Year Just one more notice among the many.
17239 The Leap He will jump; into what will be determined by us.
17238 Impatient Elder impatience is very understandable.
17237 New Job One season gives way for the following one.
17236 Xmas Note And a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.
17234 Reluctant For some uniformity of "costume" is everything.
17231 Logica Duplicity observed.
17226 Pickwick Observing Borrowed this Dickens character because I like him.
17225 Advice Advice from a ukelele playing bird might be suspect.
17224 Indicator It's called the "Z-Z-Z" quality monitor.
17222 Encounters Noting the sad state of immigration and language.
17221 Instinct Don't get all pinched-up, it's just dinner.
17218 Mental Turkey. Decorate. Turkey. Shop. Turkey. Cook...
17217 Econ-Inom-Inee Somebody's economy is stimulated, all right.
17216 Thanks Giving thanks to the one pure light and love.
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