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Living/18004 Ritual Cartoon
18004 Ritual
  Living/18003 Determined Cartoon
18003 Determined
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Living/17241 2018 New Year Cartoon
17241 2018 New Year
  Living/17239 The Leap Cartoon
17239 The Leap

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Title Description
18004 Ritual Sometimes little stuff seems like really big stuff.
18003 Determined It's one of our little human second-face dramas.
17241 2018 New Year Just one more notice among the many.
17239 The Leap He will jump; into what will be determined by us.
17238 Impatient Elder impatience is very understandable.
17237 New Job One season gives way for the following one.
17236 Xmas Note And a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.
17234 Reluctant For some uniformity of "costume" is everything.
17231 Logica Duplicity observed.
17226 Pickwick Observing Borrowed this Dickens character because I like him.
17225 Advice Advice from a ukelele playing bird might be suspect.
17224 Indicator It's called the "Z-Z-Z" quality monitor.
17222 Encounters Noting the sad state of immigration and language.
17221 Instinct Don't get all pinched-up, it's just dinner.
17218 Mental Turkey. Decorate. Turkey. Shop. Turkey. Cook...
17217 Econ-Inom-Inee Somebody's economy is stimulated, all right.
17216 Thanks Giving thanks to the one pure light and love.
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