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Living/17179 Shoes Cartoon
17179 Shoes
  Living/17178 Yearner Cartoon
17178 Yearner
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Living/17177 Review Cartoon
17177 Review
  Living/17176 Unprepared Cartoon
17176 Unprepared

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Title Description
17179 Shoes A sardonic comment if ever there was one.
17178 Yearner Searching for the ineffable among the seeable.
17177 Review Bemoaning a lost sense of place and meaning.
17176 Unprepared Standing still playing running, isn't running.
17174 Bleachers Rose-garden anarchists think they know better.
17171 Cost of Talk 'Good-old-phone-bills' seem like good times.
17170 Prioritie Youth can easily misjudge the merit of things.
17169 Master To the edge sometimes; going over is our choice.
17165 Auto Autos Whimsical imagined result of excess technology.
17159 Storming Another natural tragedy; more media self-promotion.
17150 Labor Day Comments made under duress will be remembered.
17149 Fingered Pilloried by organized whiners against learning.
17143 Moving In A strange and eerie experience making folks uneasy.
17141 Blinders Seeing the unseeable requires welders' goggles.
17140 Loading Traveling locker containers overload students.
17138 Attribution Didn't everybody know Rodin was into frogs?
17135 Crash Talk Demonstration by hubris of self-possessed stupidity.
17133 Cosmetics A delicate consequence of newly acquired teeth.
17131 Grasshoppers It's a bright and sun shiny day when bait volunteers.
17129 Talk Extend Absolutely no comprehension of self restraint.
17126 Avocation A triumph of electronic noise over humanity.
17122 Trends Henry the VIII would be proud; now a cape.
17120 Stuff in Hand May be in the bush, but maybe not.
17118 Upscale Word treachery in an ever reducing verbal world.
17117 Biology Reducing our culture one moron at a time.
17114 Trophy Hunter The prize displayed after heroic conquest.
17112 Wonders Truly useful innovations are a mystery to many.
17110 Petting Newest trend in household & yard security.
17108 Happy Fourth Celebrating INDEPENDENCE...we hope.
17105 Tryst An indication that AI is getting away from us.
17103 Fire Sometimes great ideas just strike out of the blue.
17102 Mirror Scam Just a little deception to please paying members.
17099 Squeezed Exchanging the luxury of room for miniaturism.
17097 The Game There's the mental game and the critter game.
17093 The Critic A stunning reversal for the little guy from below.
17092 Get Some Lose Some Balancing these books requires redefining "assets."
17091 Memorial Day IN MEMORIUM.
17090 Fortunes Good fortune is already in our hands, just look.
17089 Hot Air Enthusiasm and poor planning don't inflate balloons.
17087 Ouch Just a little incident later memorialized in rhyme.
17083 Mate Hunt Considering consequences can cool a guys ardor.
17079 A Mystery If the TV has gone kaput, what's the difference?
17073 Glitch It's the new, "Computer did it" excuse.
17065 Comparison What it is when it gets right down to it.
17063 Communication A manifestation of the absurdity of self-obsession.
17060 Starting Everyone has to lean against the wall now and then.
17052 Ladder Frustrating circular climbing reaching nowhere.
17051 Springyness Just never too early to garden disappointments.
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