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   I'm told that any creator of drawings and paintings who wants to sell their work must also sell themselves. Tell the viewer who they are. Establish credibility. Help you get to know impressed by my many accomplishments, awards, and credentials.

Sounds good. But my artsy education is, well, unusual; and I've found it doesn't impress anyone that I began drawing at age three. Nor does it impress that I was thrilled when my Grandmother---who sold Avon products---got an order so I could split open the large heavy paper envelopes for their white insides because paper was scarce then:  I thrilled to those clean white drawing surfaces that invited my touch.

I was raised by a family of artists.  I'm thankful for them:  They were my influences, my cadre, my trainers;  and they did it by expressing their own appreciation of surroundings; of sunsets, glittery dew, clean air; sounds of streams and birds. . .and breathing.  All I had to do was listen and watch, express things in pencil or charcoal or paint....or not.

The disciplines of learning are a product of oneís interest and focus which one pursues and applies. Conventional training I sought as needed. But my way resulted in no standardized credentials, awards or other Ďatta-boysí to impress you with. Pieces Iíd show, were I a little smarter about this promotion stuff, are already hanging in folksí homes and offices across the country.

So, I offer my work.....whole cloth from moth dust. It stands or falls on itís own without pretentious claims, credentials, nor wordy testimonials.  You decide whether it's ďART."  Whether it appeals and is worth your time.

Passion---that 'touching-the-gut' thing---lights up sometimes in the early stages of my work, and it's that work I like to show,  when I think passion is there and fresh. Too often over-working a piece kills spontaneity, and it's spirit is lost. I've selected only a few pieces for the Gallery Page. Newer works will be along.

Some are touched by the work that I show, and I'm gratified if you are one who shares my world.  Regardless, an endearing yet occasionally frustrating charm of doing this is that folks either like what they see or they donít. There is little indecision.

Itís clean that way.

But I'm like most of you, and enjoy when my work is admired; when someone finds it appealing....or intriguing. Your comments are welcome---pro or con, just click the email tag at top of the page and share your thoughts. Sales by personal check are also welcome; you can begin that process by sending me an email.