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17182 Smugicator Cartoon
17182 Smugicator
  17175 Shuffle Cartoon
17175 Shuffle
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17173 Place Holder Cartoon
17173 Place Holder
  17168 Floorshow Cartoon
17168 Floorshow

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Title Description
17182 Smugicator Charge more and you too can be a social whiz.
17175 Shuffle Playing pocket-pool 'mongst the hoi-polloi.
17173 Place Holder Plugging a seat to assure more big government.
17168 Floorshow Touting loud and long corruption of city-states.
17164 Talk with Critters Not Daniel, but playing with minions of the den.
17157 Deceit Allowed to control by a lazy & vague Congress.
17156 Ominous Moving toward Huxley's "1984" euthenasia in 2017.
17154 Too Far The USFS, environmentalists, and Muslims agree.
17153 Rage Rage against the trumpets promoting Communism.
17152 Backwarding Taking money and opportunity from natural Americans.
17147 Let'er Burn Agency, run by non-profits, are the new dictator elites.
17146 Announcicating Blowhard touting the Left's mean-spirited agenda.
17142 Flocker Keeping the flock under control and broke.
17139 Array So many opportunities; so few smarts.
17136 What Whos About Oligarchs and thieves are always hungry.
17134 Pet Training There must be a North Korean huff-n-puff story.
17132 Keepers Another siren song of greed and corruption.
17130 Giving Way The Left never gives more than they plan to give.
17127 McCain Perhaps too used to Washington silk pajamas?
17125 Repairs Focusing on performance one distraction at a time.
17123-G4 Pots Series A shelf of potted plants with rotten roots.
17121 Grimlins Silk underwear folk knocking open communication.
17119 Caste Wasted Cultural exchange among the establishment elite.
17115 Unbluffed Productive folks fed-up with the Left's propaganda.
17113 Forum Fibs Making imagined threats reality one buck at a time.
17109 Smack Mean-spirited agenda media whines when hit back.
17107 Evil Screwing up civil society one joint at a time.
17104 Progressiveness Pseudo-Intellectual clowns spewing selfness.
17101 He Be Risen A demonstration of how brain-dead is the press.
17100 Miscreants Sqwaking, huffing'n puffing, and shout-pouting...
17095 Notalizer And the BOONDOGGLE bogus legal show continues.
17094 ABoss Hearsay, innuendo, and "What-Ifs" are our news!
17085 Speechin With them its, speak only what and when they say.
17080 Navigating A revised and refitted Ship-of-State sails onward.
17077 Herders Expand with range stock, feed with other guy's food.
17086 Birds of a Feather Loss of FREEDOM, loss of HEAD; little difference.
17078 Not Me I lost because of those damned honest working folk.
17076 Bitch Bite Turn the other cheek and they'll bite that too.
17072 Tuteledge Teaching deceit and dishonesty to our young.
17071 Leadership Abusing the open character of our free society.
17070 Stumped Classic misunderstanding due to limited knowledge.
17067 Comic Opera Diddling around, thereby growing government.
17064 Systemic Hereby is dealt loss of free speech and freedom.
17058 Action Stations We'll focus on the business of America, not media.
17056 Noises Contemporary response to 7th Century skullduggery.
17054 Resurrecting Progressive's recession:lifting dead wood to the fore.
17053 Say Nothing Lying by the Left's darling Susan is so unbecoming.
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