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18002 Marshmallowm Cartoon
18002 Marshmallow
  17235 Underpinnings Cartoon
17235 Underpinningst
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17240 Nationalism Cartoon
17240 Nationalism
  17233 Pouts Cartoon
17233 Pouts

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Title Description
18002 Marshmallow Sucked in by the whorls of Scylla and Charybdis.
17240 Nationalism Vanity wonks shaming those with pride in the U.S.A.
17235 Underpinnings To get at the rotten top you gotta' sometimes start low.
17233 Pouts Some folks get upset when having to pay the bill.
17229 Huff'n Puff Blowing more hot air to increase bureaucracy.
17228 Poky-Man Poke and prod, prod and poke; wake'em up.
17223 Sanctuary Jobs Keeping a cheap labor force under private wraps.
17215 Violated Then there was this guy in the fourth grade...
17214 Attention How cruel, expecting responsibility for oneself.
17213 P.L.Management Natural assumption of ownership by bureaucrats.
17207 Put-Upon-A-time Childhood mischief transmuted to adulthood passion.
17206 Trends In a world absent morality even artifice is fake.
17203 In Our Face Media sucks then expels its own poisonous juices.
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